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 Want to Increase your Profit Potential?

 It's Time to Attract More High-Paying Clients and Create Consistent 5-Figure Months in Your Business with Help from Jennifer & her Team!

...So Can Create More Income Without More Hours!

I did a webinar for the first time in three years!  

I had been working on this new webinar: slides, presentation, the format...the whole thing for over a year, and still hadn't done it. And since working with Jen and taking action, I've done it three times. 

And the really great thing was I launched a six-week course and I had some conversions while ON the webinar.  

I made the most I've made in one day in...I can't remember how long...maybe ten years!

- Donya F. 

Start the video and turn the Volume UP (Volume on the bottom to the left of the gear icon)

I'm Ready!!!

I Can Give You a Proven Formula So You Can Discover Your Brilliance, Design Your Business Vision, Break Through Your Biggest Barriers so You Can Finally Take {Imperfect} Action to Create the Profitable Lifestyle You Crave! 

Any of this ring your bell?  

  • You started your business so you could make more money and enjoy life more … yet, you’re working harder than you ever have before. You enjoy your work, but you also know you just keep up this pace.
  • Your bank account isn’t reflecting your efforts. It's time to get smarter about how you work...steamline and automate to get more done (and make more money) in less time.
  • You dreamed of a business that allowed you to have a "lifestyle" – travel and dining and time with friends and family … but you say no more often than you say yes?
  • You never have time for anything because you’re rushing from one fire to the next … and you’re feeling frazzled and stressed. 
  • You’re wearing all the hats in your business and doing All.The.Things … you're outsourcing some things but it's just not enough. 
  • You set goals … but beyond that one possibility-filled day, you doubt yourself and tell yourself “don’t even think about it” because you know you’re not on the right track to achieve any of them.
  • You’re burning the candle at both ends and the little rest you get is marked by waking up at 3 am tossing and turning worried about clients, cash flow, and that you’re letting your family down.

Something has to give. 

And it’s either your business, your health, your family, or your sanity. 

No matter what, you can’t keep going like this!  

Deep Breath! 

And another! Let me scrape you off the ceiling and give you some hope: It’s not your fault! No, I’m serious! You’ve been doing the best you could with the tools you had. And clearly those tools aren’t enough to have you create the business you want: the one that gives you plenty of money and the time freedom to enjoy your life. (BTW: That is an equation for happiness!) 

Hi, I’m Jennifer Dunham. I'm your Time, Money and Happiness Matters expert and Founder/CEO of Happiness Matters.  

I’ve been in your shoes. I was unfulfilled in my corporate world career … and I just knew I was meant for bigger things. So like so many women stuck in a soul-sucking job, I created my passion photography studio to teach others the passion of living.  

I worked really hard (like stupid-hard) and took the studio to award winning status… while still running my IT business…  

And I quickly completely burnt out.  

When I moved to the country – the rural area of northern California – I started realizing that I could teach others the passion of living in a different format…as I was already coaching friends and family in how to grow their business…However now, understanding that a profitable lifestyle is not ALL about money. 

Yes, money still is a key part – as you can’t really be happy if you are struggling with making enough money all the time, but profitable can also mean enjoying the path to my millions.  

For the past 5 years, I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs and professionals how to achieve their biggest goals in life and business by finding more time, in order to create more money with less effort, and be happier in the process. I'm a productivity to prosperity expert.  

I am the Queen of Getting More Done (and Making More Money) in Less Time! And what I’ve learned is that it not only takes vision and courage to follow your dreams, but being intentional with making a plan, having the exact tactics and steps to follow, the right MINDSET and a supportive group of like-minded go-getters to make it happen!  

And I want you to know - this can be your reality too!  

OMG this process really works!

After working with Jen and her team, I created a High Converting Lead Magnet that increased my email list size by 54% in just 3 weeks! 

The corresponding nurture sequence we created together had open rates 3x industry standard and clickthrough rates at 10x above the standard. 

And it didn't end there....Jennifer showed me how to follow up with the warmest leads in order to create the biggest (and fastest) return on my sales efforts!

- Brigette C.

Stick your toes over the edge and go for it! 

Through this event, I've learned the specific actions that I'm going to take to be fearless and to leap. 

I would highly recommend you come to Jennifer's next live event. Number one, she's incredibly energetic, organized and point on, she really cares about her clients. You can tell she's taken a vested interest in everybody that's here, she's very prepared and actually, it's a lot of fun and we're learning incredible life lessons for business. I highly recommend it.

The biggest things that I got out of the event?...that I know I need to stick my toes over the edge and go for it...no matter what."

-Cathy B

Are you Ready?  

Are you impatient and frustrated that your business isn't growing and scaling as fast as you want? 

You can get out of the rut you’ve been stuck in and remember why you created your business in the first place: to have more money, more freedom, and more fun!  

You can have the clarity and focus you need to take action to create your dream life – RIGHT NOW. (And have the tactical steps to make it a reality!)  

No matter how inspiring your vision is, you keep listening to that nagging voice that says the risk is too great to make a change. 

You tell yourself that if you make changes, if you rock the boat too much, you will risk the success you've already achieved.

Are you ready to walk through that door to make a CHANGE?


Your Profitable Lifestyle Live Retreat

A 3-Day Transformational Experience Where You’ll Discover Your Brilliance, Intentionally Design Your Business Vision, Break Through Your Barriers and Take {Imperfect} Action to Create the Profitable Lifestyle(TM) You Crave!

October 4-6, 2019 in Sacramento, California 

I’ll personally walk you through my proven system that helps you discover and tap into your Unique Brilliance, craft your vision for your life and business – including fun actions steps to make it a reality, and break through the barriers and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.  

At this 3-day retreat, you’ll learn my Profitable Lifestyle(TM) formula, and my proven 5-step H.A.P.P.Y. Formula(TM) to help you achieve your big goals. You will also experience the positive energy of the members in the Time, Money and Happiness Matters family.  

This event is for you if you:  

  • Are ready to break the bank...but not your back. It's time to figure out how to grow and scale your business so that you work smarter, not harder.
  • Know that you need to add consistency to your monthly cashflow AND get out there in a bigger way.
  • Are impatient with the pace you are growing now and are looking for guidance as you figure out your next step. You know you’re meant for more and desire to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit within! 
  • Know that going it alone isn’t going to get you where you want to go and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get started. It’s time to get clear about your goals and then create a plan to make them happen! 
  • Want to build new relationships with like-minded professionals who are on their path to success and freedom.  

Here are just a few of the discoveries you’ll make during this amazing 3-day live retreat:  

Read through these, and pay close attention to what it could mean for your business:

  • How to find your secret mojo in your Client Attraction system so that you get high paying clients chasing YOU down. 
  • How to use the #1 most overlooked technique to start real conversations with your leads right away {and I will share my process that resulted in over 100 conversations in 1 week.} 
  • How to increase your conversion of leads into sales by using the 7 most powerful reasons why someone signs up with you. 
  • How to increase cash-flow in your business without any advertising or tech headaches. {And the top 3 success factors for cash injections…so that you can know when to tweak, try again, or move on.} 
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make when implementing cash injection campaigns. 
  • How to use the #1 criteria to know if your offer is the right offer. 
  • How to set clear 30/60/90-day goals for increased cashflow, lead generation and visibility that you are excited to achieve – and feels realistic – so that your “Get More Clients” plan is easily doable. 
  • How to develop powerful Tiny Habits™ for daily productivity (and happiness) – without being fed any of the same ol’ “time management” techniques that won’t get you any closer to your dreams.  
  • How to use my simple 60-second self-motivator in order to stay-in-action and make consistent progress to find {and keep} more clients throughout the year. 
  • How to push through your comfort zone and into your courage zone in order to make a bigger impact in the world. 
  • How to master the process of designing the life and business you really want so that you can stop working those 60-80-hour work weeks!  
  • Plus, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and recharge and soak in the positive energy and dream big! You’ll spend 3 days at this intimate retreat and leave having made new friends and having FUN! 

Are you ready for a lifestyle formula that gives you more freedom?

My biggest take away from today is that I'm going to start living my life how I plan to live it five years from now and implementing these things today.

Today has made me really be thoughtful about what my intentions are with my business and my personal life and so I'm going to start implementing that right away and taking action.


Retreat Agenda

Specifically, here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn in our 3 days together:

Use Your Unique Brilliance

  • Discover and refine your Unique Brilliance so you can attract the right ideal clients. 
  • Learn a process to align your goals with how you should best spend your time to take your career or business to the next level
  • Transform your beliefs about what’s possible for your life so you can reach your highest potential
  • Understand what holds you back from making progress on your goals

Design Your Vision

  • Take inventory of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly so that we can aim higher and set Bigger and powerful goals with your cashflow and lead generation.
  • Master the process of designing the life and business you really want using Jennifer's Profitable Lifestyle Formula. (yes, it's a literal mathematical and repeatable formula!)
  • Create a roadmap for your ideal clients (and lifestyle) so you can enjoy both your career and your life. 

My biggest take away from the Profitable Lifestyle Life Event is understanding why I do what I do. 

Jennifer is helping us, through exercises, to learn why we do what we do and how important that is in our business. 

It helps us to take a deep dive into ourselves, to see how we can uplift our own lifestyle and our business and align them together to be, through time and money management, for happiness.


Take Inspired (Imperfect) Action and Achieve Your Big Goals

  • Increase your productivity, energy and up-level your “inner game” so that you can take consistent action and take those necessary steps to create the lifestyle you desire. 
  • Develop a practical plan for daily productivity (and happiness!)
  • Find simple ways to make consistent progress on your goals throughout the year 
  • Establish your "Profitable Lifestyle” Action Plan to make sure you actually follow-through on your goals for throughout the year.

Jennifer is very down to earth, very real, she really knows her stuff. She's very in tune with how to move forward with your goals and do it in a natural simple way. 

She helps you put together a plan that's easy to implement. It's very achievable. She breaks down the process into small parts to where you really can implement your plan and and move forward very quickly. 

- Cathy W

Profitable Lifestyle Special Guest Speaker

Chantelle Adams - Storytelling Expert and Public Speaking Coach

As a professional speaker, she has delivered over 800 speeches in just 5 years -- in cities including Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Cancun, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. She now helps others tell their stories and turn their message into a movement. Chantelle hosts an annual event called Shine Live for 180 women entrepreneurs who travel from around the globe to attend. She has been featured on the cover of Business Heroine, Event Head and Mindful Mavericks Magazine. She is also on her way to sharing 1 million stories of courage and raising $1 million dollars for charity.

Plus, You Get These Amazing Bonuses Worth over $4,000:

BONUS #1: "Beautiful You" Headshot 

Jennifer's go-to photographer will be on hand to take a beautiful and professional headshot for you to use in all your marketing! You need a flattering headshot that provides consistent imagery on your website, social media platforms, and anywhere you’re showing up! (value $497) 

BONUS #2: Discover Your Unique Brilliance Blueprint workshop

As soon as you register for the retreat, you’ll have access to my signature “Unique Brilliance Blueprint” workshop. Before we even meet, you’ll begin the powerful process of transforming your mindset. (value $997)

BONUS #3: Special “Pre-Retreat Call” with Jennifer

Get a jumpstart on your Profitable Lifestyle Live Retreat experience by joining me for this pre-event group training call to get a sneak peek of my H.A.P.P.Y. Formula. On this preparation call, you’ll meet your fellow attendees and set a powerful intention to get the most out of the live event! (value $497)

BONUS #4: Craft Your Vision Gala Party!

During this special evening mix and mingle session, we’ll walk you through the process to create your inspirational vision board for the future. This is a fun, interactive workshop, where you’ll tap into your creative power by visualizing your ideal lifestyle through an inspiring collage of pictures, words, and quotes that will remind you of your passion and purpose. I provide all the necessary supplies, cocktails, appetizers and music! (value $197)

BONUS #5: Discounted Bring-a-Friend Ticket 

Don’t experience the transformation alone! Bring a friend, family member, business partner, colleague, or spouse to this intimate retreat. (tickets limited.) This is your chance to “double your fun” with a steeply discounted Bring-A-Friend ticket. (value $1997)

All I can say is WOW!

I recently went through a program with Jennifer that taught me a quick and easy way to plan out my work for the next day, and all I can say is WOW! 

This simple technique has significantly increased my productivity but the unexpected benefit was that, because I know what I need to get done every day, my stress level has also been significantly reduced.

- Robert

By now you may be thinking, “Jennifer, yes! I’m ready to change my life – and this is the event for me. What’s the investment?”  

Let me ask you this:  

Are you settling year after year?  

How long will you continue without making a change?  

Are you ready to make a CHANGE to up-level your business and life?  

Because, frankly, you deserve bigger success. It is possible for you. It’s time to turn your hopes into reality.  

Instead of waiting for someday, you might be surprised at what’s truly possible for you to do RIGHT NOW. (Your coupon for ‘someday’ has expired. Your time is NOW.) It’s time to start acting. 

Imperfect Action is Better Than No Action!  

For a LIMITED time (and limited number of seats), you can get everything you see – a ticket to the live event, the Vision Board Gala Party and bonuses… all for the investment of $97. But don’t wait, because space is limited in this intimate event. And I don't know how long these tickets at this price will last!

Full investment is $1997 and that IS an investment, isn't it? Think about it this way: when you walk away from “Your Profitable Lifestyle Live Retreat”, you’ll have everything you need to attract more clients and make more money (without changing who you are!), have clarity and direction for your business and your life, have control of you time so you can do less (and feel good about it), AND learn the tactical steps to make your dream lifestyle a reality.  

You’re also protected by my “Love The Event Guarantee”:  

I know you’ll love this 3-day LIVE experience, since you’re getting access to ALL my knowledge, and I hold nothing back! I’m SO sure of it, I’m giving you a no-risk opportunity to take part in the first day of the retreat.  

If you don’t feel the event is right for you, turn in your materials by the end of the first day, let my team know why it isn’t a fit, and I’ll refund your ticket price! It’s a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy, I’ll mail you a check for the cost of your registration!  

(If plans change and you can’t make it, your ticket is fully transferable!)  

So, are you ready?  

NOW are you ready to reserve your spot? Or do you still have a few questions? Below, I've included a few of the questions I hear most frequently, and their answers, to help you decide if “Your Profitable Lifestyle Live Retreat” is a good match for you.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why is space limited?  

A. I want to work with energetic, dedicated people who are ready to lead a more fulfilling life and career both. And take action right now. To make sure we have enough time to REALLY dig into your goals and create a plan to make it a reality, I have to limit the event to an intimate number of people.  

Q: This will be a significant investment for me. Travel etc. Is this retreat worth the money?  

A: The better question to ask is … are YOU worth the money? What I can share with you is that in my own life, I judge any potential investment by what I’ll be able to accomplish because of it. What would it be worth to you to get clarity, support and direction on your big goals heading? For me, that’s priceless! Of course, I can’t tell you how to decide, but what I will tell you is that when I began to invest in myself at a high level, my life changed forever as a result. There’s something incredibly powerful that happens when you pay money for something – it pushes you to actually do the work!  

Q: How does the pricing work? (the price keeps going up)  

A: Procrastination is the passion killer! That’s why I LOVE to reward fast action-takers who are ready for a breakthrough NOW – rather than waiting until later. (Which turns into never!) The pricing structure allows the most committed attendees to register at the lowest investment possible, well in advance of the retreat. Seating is limited so secure your ticket as soon as possible!  

Q: Are men allowed?  

A: Yes! I mostly work with women but my events and programs are open to men and women who are committed to creating their ideal lives. Come join!  

Q: What is the refund policy?  

A: Your retreat ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE, but fully transferable to another person if you can no longer attend.

Q: Will you be hosting this event again next year?  

A: No. This is my 5th Profitable Lifestyle Live I've taught in this particular format. I've made the decision to not bring back this 3-day event in the spring. If you are interested, get in now while you can.

So, NOW are you ready to reserve your seat?

Yes, Jennifer! I’m ready to join you at the “Your Profitable Lifestyle Live Retreat” in Sacramento! 

I understand that for the investment of just $97, I’ll receive:  

  • 3 Days of Personal and Business Development, Goal-Setting & Taking Action (value $1997)
  • Your Profitable Lifestyle Action Plan to get you through one quarter at a time.
  • Dedicated Time for Journaling and Reflection
  • Beautiful Retreat Workbook Including All Training Materials

PLUS, these amazing bonuses worth over $4000:  

1. “Beautiful You” Headshot so you can create your next Lead Magnet using professional photos. 2. The entire "Discover Your Unique Brilliance Blueprint" Workshop at your fingertips to come back to time and time again. 3. Special “Pre-Retreat Training Call” with Jennifer so that you can get the most out of the event 4. Craft Your Vision Gala Party! (This year we have a special twist to our Vision Gala!) 5. Discounted Bring-a-Friend Ticket while they last!  

And I know I’m protected by your “Love The Event Guarantee”: that is, if I don’t feel this event is right for me, I can turn in my materials by the 5pm of the first day, let your team know why it isn’t a fit, and you’ll refund my ticket price!

P.S. Whether you say yes or no, I really encourage you to MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don’t let this be one more thing you need to “think about.” Nothing will keep you stuck and frustrated than delaying decisions. So YES or NO? Trust that and move forward! P.P.S. After you register, make sure to keep a close eye on your email inbox for your pre-work and instructions for redeeming your discounted Bring-A-Friend ticket!  

I feel optimistic now!

I was feeling overwhelmed, never fulfilled and never in the moment when I found Jen’s workshop.  

I’m the type to always be driving for more, and life as it was, was never good enough no matter what.  

Jennifer made me re-evaluate what used to make me happy and what I wanted in life. She made me look at how to make opportunities, to make those missing events, things and relationships with people happen.  

I now have a goal and way to become happier.  

- Jolene

Dates: October 4-6, 2019

Location: Sacramento, California

Closest Airport: Sacramento International Airport (SMF)  

We recommend that you book your flight to arrive in Sacramento by Thursday evening.  

Retreat Venue & Hotel: Embassy Suites by Hilton Sacramento - Riverfront Promenade

Please reserve your room as soon as possible to get the best rate available.  

Dress Code: We recommend that you dress casually and comfortably throughout the weekend. If you want to dress up, by all means! The room can be extremely cool, so please bring a sweater or light jacket to keep warm. However, Saturday is our party. It's dress up time! Have fun and use this as an excuse for a new dress or fun top and jeans.

Retreat Schedule:  

Registration will begin at 8:00am on Friday. Doors open at 8:15am. Friday: 8:30am-7:30pm (your general admission retreat ticket includes entrance to the Welcome Gala and Vision Board Party!) Saturday: 8:30am – 9:00pm Sunday: 8:30am – 4:00pm *Times subject to slight change.

We have incorporated time in the program for you to take a lunch break and multiple snack breaks throughout the day. It’s important to stay hydrated and nourished during our 3 intense days of personal growth. We encourage you to bring plenty of healthy snacks and a refillable water bottle.

The Profitable Lifestyle Live Retreat Experience:

Situated in the heart of downtown Sacramento, Embassy Suites by Hilton is right on the Riverfront and sets the stage for a memorable visit to California's capital. The hotel features sophisticated accommodations, inspired amenities and a superb location near Old Town Sacramento, The Capitol Building and other notable points of interest.  

Each two-room suite features separate living and sleeping areas, a sofa bed, an armchair and a microwave. Wake up to a free cooked-to-order breakfast. Unwind at the Evening Reception* serving complimentary drinks and canapés. 

Dine in the understated, elegant Tower Bridge Bistro while you enjoy New California-Tuscan cuisine alongside tranquil views of the Sacramento River. Work out at the fitness center, enjoy a swim at the heated indoor pool or unwind in the whirlpool.

I was Jennifer’s creative director for a few years, and after attending her workshop, it changed my career outlook. 

Switching roles from an employee to an entrepreneur meant sacrificing a lot, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Jen helped me to manage my time, money, and be happy where I am today. 

Her intimate workshop is like a getaway to self-discovery.

- Mai 

Yes, Jennifer! I’m ready to join you at “Profitable Lifestyle Live” 3-Day Mindset Retreat in Sacramento!  

General Admission $1997 

$97 While Seats Last

Limited seating available..so don't delay and sign up today!

LiveStream Option Available! 

Profitable Lifestyle Live is now available with a LiveStream option! Click the button above to register THEN hit reply to your confirmatnion email to let me know you are attending with the LiveStream option! This option is newly added and I will manually add you to our LiveStream tag.  

*LiveStream attendees will not be given physical materials, but a digital copy of the workbook is available for an additional low cost. The LiveStream wil have a limited replay for one week. It's best to attend the Livestream live to ask your questions since we will monitor and respond to Liverstream attendees as if they were with us live!

About your mentor, Jennifer Dunham

Jennifer is on a mission to help driven professionals change their overwhelming and unfulfilling careers and lives. She believes that “you can have it all!”  

She teaches you how to find more time, create more money, increase your happiness so that you can create a life and career you love right now.  

Jennifer’s approach is rooted in her Information Technology background. She’s a huge believer in automation, habits, repeatable processes, and streamlining time to reduce overwhelm so you can focus on what matters most.  

She is a certified Tiny Habits Coach and a Certified Cash Injection Specialist.